Casting of advantages -MDCCV

Casting of advantages -MDCCV

1) fit scope Canton. Casting almost no matter Casting big small, thick thin and shape complexity degree of the restrictions, Casting the wall up to 0.3 ~ 1000mm, the length of from several mm to ten meters,Quality from several g to 300 t over. Most fit production shape complexity, in particular, is lumen complexity of parts, such as complex the Box, Valve, Impeller, engine cylinder body, the propeller etc.


2) Casting methods can take use the Materials Canton.Almost everybody can melting into liquid of Alloys Materials are can use at casting. Such as cast steel, cast iron non-various aluminum alloy, copper alloy, added alloy, ferro-alloys and pot alloy etc castings. For plastic less the brittle alloys materials (such as cast iron etc), Casting is only feasible the Forming technology, at Industrial Production Medium to cast iron pieces Applications most widely about accounting Casting output of 70% above.

3) The casting has a dimensional accuracy. Under normal circumstances, than ordinary forging, welding forming precise size. 

4) low-cost and good overall economic performance, energy, material consumption and cost for other methods of metal forming yet. 

  Casting machine in the general quality of the total 40% ~ 80%, while the manufacturing cost of the total cost of the machine is only 25% ~ 30% 0 low cost because: 

① flexible production methods, production can be mechanized production organizations. 

② can be substantial use of waste, the old metal materials and renewable resources.

③ Compared with the forging of its small power consumption. 

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