Application of CNC Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

Application of CNC Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

In the car there are many difficult to process parts, they can not be processed with ordinary machine tools, can only be used CNC machining. Such as large quantities of automotive engines, gearbox, chassis, the main components need 5-axis CNC machining center processing.


In many machine tools, lathes with its simple structure, low price, but can be used for a variety of shafts, disk parts of the production, to mechanical parts in the production and processing has been widely used, especially CNC lathes, high precision, Stability, low failure rate, popular in the automotive industry, the user’s favor in the automotive industry has been widely used, in a dominant position. CNC lathes can be used in the automotive industry to process shafts, disk parts, such as camshafts, crankshafts, flywheels, wheels, brake discs, one shaft, two shafts, gears, gear sets, and shaft parts and discs Parts in the entire car parts, is the dominant position.

 The application of numerical control technology in automobile vehicle production. There are four lines in the production of automobile vehicles, namely, stamping, welding, painting and assembly line, everywhere to CNC machine tools. In the automated production line is the most widely used in CNC technology control of the manipulator and transmission devices, so that workers are more accurate assembly, convenient and fast. With the development of numerical control technology, there are some fully automated production lines that do not require manual control. The most typical and most widely used is the automatic front panel production line, which is completely controlled by the machine, without human intervention, increased production efficiency and reduced The damage to the human body. There are automatic welding robot, welding high quality, welding speed, is more than a hundred times the manual welding.

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